Conversations with Time

Three thousand ginger bread cookies
On a purple path to shade
Twisted Time Diagonally
Elusively Disfiguring Reality
Green was Blue
Blue was Happy
Happy was Sneezy
And the other Six dwarves
never showed
They didn't believe in fairy tales
Time jumped out the window
To see if it could fly
And found out literarily
That Time does not fly
It Bends and Twists,
Sometimes it even Backflips
But Time is different for everyone
"We see what we want to see,"
Time whispers in my ear.
"I see a girl in a coconut bra," I say.
"She's not ready to see you yet," says Time.
"But Why?" I ask.
"The answer will not make you any happier."
Time insists.
"No question or answer ever will."
For some reason
I trust Time's transdimensional perspective
"Then can we stay in this moment forever?"
I ask Time.
"We only believe what we want to believe,"
Time says before Nature and Gravity right Themselves
Causing Motion and Misery and Noise
to hurl itself back into my lap
I hear the clock ticking
And cannot believe that
for one moment
Time stopped


Frightful courage
heavenly bad
pessimistic optimism
happily sad
Zen monk buddist priest
philosophic religion
pleasantly painful
colorless prism
Green colored stop sign
Oxymoron's twin
ageless bartender
with a twist of dry gin
hopefully hopeless
Paradise Found
If a tree falls in the forest
And no one's around
Does it make a sound?