Andy Turnbul

Andy Turnbull has worked as reporter, photographer and desk-man on several daily newspapers, has been editor of two weekly papers and of three trade magazines and is the author of a couple of books by commercial publishers. His free-lance articles have appeared in the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Evening Telegram, Toronto Sun, Star Weekly, Weekend, The Canadian, Maclean's, Canadian Business, Reader's Digest and other magazines in Canada, Japan Times in Japan, Spotlight, Spot-On and Fernfahrer in Germany, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Road King, Overdrive and other magazines in the United States, The Geographical, Truck and Trucking International in England, Truck'n Life in Australia and others. He has worked in every province and territory of Canada and also in the United States, Panama, Jamaica, Mexico, England, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, Russia, Poland, Belarus and Central Asia.

His magazine articles have won awards in Canada and the United States.

His published books include Another Way (Deneau and Greenberg, Ottawa 1980) By Truck to the North (with Debora Pearson, Annick, Toronto, 1999) The Numbers Game, The Synthetic Beast, The System and We Need to Talk (all self-published under the name Red Ear Publishing from 2001 to 2005). By Truck to the North won the 1999 Norma Fleck award for the best kids' book in Canada, was nominated for the Silver Birch Award in 1999 and won the Hackmatack Award in 2000.