Brandon Whitehead

Brandon Whitehead is a writer, poet, critic and pizza-lover with (not surprisingly) a long career in manual labor, including most anything to do with trucks, warehouses and graveyard maintenance. As a rather surly member of the literary community in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon has occasionally emerged to perform at Prospero's Pit Poetry or The Writer's Place in historic and well-kept Midtown Kansas City, and been published in several local publications of which he has not, frankly, kept very good records.

As a music critic for eKC online ( he has written hundreds of reviews that are about music maybe 50% of the time.

Along with his poetry, Mr. Whitehead writes extremly shory fiction and weird tales, which make a nice, neat stack of papers on his desk to make him feel self-important. He also likes cookies and monkeys.

Brandon Whitehead,Writer/Music/Editorial,
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