Hold me blue moon for all of the night
    And hold me until dawn's first light
    We said it is till death do part us
    But really it's so much more than that
    'Tis you can always come to my door
    You can talk to me more and more
    Don't mind those that might come between For we have a love no one has ever seen So take me blue moon across the night Like the bat you are sure in sight And as the moth is you're drawn to the light Then with the sun rays blinding bright You're there unseen - the sky you ride Still gripping tight to life and tides

      So take me blue moon all through the night


    Following the love who broke her heart
    There goes the sad, blue lady
    Sadder as she goes; still he moves ahead Away from the sad, blue lady

    Does she know that where he goes
    There is no other
    Does she know he has others
    That also follow

    Will she find him or find me?
    Must I wait; must I wait
    Till the future has grown short
    And she sees him no more
    I am here, I must wait
    For the blue lady