i wrote this dream for you

      on the other side of the sky
      bathed in softness
      forever falls
      filled with the music
      of your voice…
      somewhere nearing tomorrow’s pain
      i feel your mouth
      holding mine
      beyond this lost earth
      beyond the weeping gates
      of the starmaiden
      who is dream…

      in the veins of our sleep

            for Elizabeth

            Le coeur n’a qu’une seule bouche.
            ----- Paul Eluard

      i felt your lips
      fill my dream
      with a tenderness
      and wonder.
      i saw this earth
      newly reborn
      through the windows
      of your eyes.
      i touched
      eternity’s landscape
      with the fingers
      of your mouth
      while you wrapped me
      in the veins of our sleep…