Oh cottonwood
      you raker of the breeze
      with brittle noisy
      shield-shaped tongues
      you whisper through
      your spidery veins
      at the sky

      How do you speak
      when voices around you
      are silent

      Do you have that much
      to say
      or do you complain
      for lacking feet
      or wings to run away
      from my ax

      Tell me why you cry
      those furry dandruff tears
      of summer
      that clog the grass

      In autumn
      your tired tongues flutter
      to the road
      and crouch
      on shark’s teeth
      like scorpions

      With backs arched
      and yellow stingers pointed skyward
      whisper to me
      of love lost
      of fortune gained

      Tell me again
      oh noisy one
      of your desire for mobility

      Confess your sins
      while you can
      before the saw
      and silences forever
      your eternal rant
      for wings