Memory Bucket

      Summer heat---
      Mama cooks bean and rice
      She says that’s
      What you eat

      I wear a pair sun glasses
      Enter the door
      Two guys work for Papa
      Call me a movie star
      I smile and take a bow

      Girls huddle
      At corner, I like to
      Join their society
      Jitterbugs their stylish
      Like ballerinas

      Noon hour
      White cat with black spot
      On one of its eye,
      Just slits
      Content in coil

      Humid nightfall
      Bullfrog croaking
      Neon light
      Hanging on western sky

        I Own a Big Sky

        Do you know?
        Rich man owns
        An island

        Do you know?
        Poor man owns
        A shack

        But no one knows,
        Only me,
        I own a big sky.

        I sprawl on
        Puffy carpet
        Sailing carefree

        Spread my wings
        Like thunderbolt
        Seeing azure world

        I am in Heaven.
        Before my time
        Do you know?

        On wrinkled sea,
        I see yellow corvette
        Chasing a dragonfly

        Orange , red, yellow,
        Blue and purple of rainbow
        How can I be sad?

        All of good things
        Light up before me
        Glad I own a big sky