Paul Sohar

Paul Sohar

Paul Sohar is literally a born outsider. He drifted as a teenage political refugee from Hungary to the US where he abandoned his formal education with a BA degree in philosophy with chemistry as his minor. The latter subject turned out to be the basis of his daytime job with a drug company while he hoped to pursue his literary interests. He briefly served as the poetry editor of an incipient publication “Reject” that later changed itself to a much tamer “Literary Forum”.

Peace as a prisoner, by Paul Sohar

The holding tank was already crowded with other messiahs when Jesus was tossed in by the Temple Guards. The others made room for the newcomer without looking at him; everyone was focused on a vision only visible to him, somewhere beyond the cinderblock walls, the steel door, the concrete ceiling and floor. They only looked up to glance at Jesus when shortly afterwards the guards came back for him, to be interrogated out of his turn.

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