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A Letter From Under the Water & Thank you so Madly by Walid Boureghda

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A Letter From Under the Water

If you were my friend,
Would you help me, then?
To break the bond,
To which we put an end?

If you were my dearly love,
Would you help me again?
To finally soothe my pain,
And free my soul from all above?

If I fathomed that love
Were too much unsafe,
I wouldn’t scent the clove,
Nor would I be a single waif.

If I fathomed that sea
Were too much deep,
I surely wouldn’t sweep,
Distantly away from thee.

If I fathomed my fate,
I wouldn’t even eventuate.

Oh how much I yearn for thee!
O please, would you leave me free!

O please, instill on me the knowledge:
How to uproot your infatuation ledge?
O please, show me where the teardrop lies,
Is it in my heart or in the surface of my eyes?
O please, would you show me
How the heart really dies;
How the endearments would commit suicide.

If you were an Oracle,
And with the seed of miracle;
Then, would you set me free
From your desirability?
Would you set me free
From the filth of such profanity?

Your love is a sort of blasphemy,
O please, chasten the sins out of me.

If you were in fine feather,
Would you bail me at urge
Out of a stormy and a wavy surge?
For you and I know all together
That I am such an ignorant
About the art of swimming on the verge.

Such a blue wave in your two eyes
Is dragging my feet into the abyss;
I have never been in love before,
Nor have I owned a fancy sailboat.

O please, hold firmly my hand
If you truly consider me your friend!

I am fervently swept off my feet,
Breathing under water in a sore heat.

And drowning…
And drowning…
And drowning…

Initially written by the famous Arab Poet Nizzar Qabbani
Translated into English by Walid Boureghda

Thank you so Madly

I profusely thank you
For bidding me adieu

I lavishly thank you
For the time we’ve lived through

I copiously thank you
For the words seemed so few
Melded with drops of dew
To bequeath grief on me

I certainly thank you
For the love out of view
That you aloofly sue
Whilst I’m far off from thee.

I heartily thank you
For the smile I once knew
Whilst now there’s an issue:
I writhe in agony.

The dawn of spring’s venue
Hath ceased breathing anew
At the sound of ‘Allah Hu!’
– Heaving sighs unto me.
It is why I thank you dearly,
For I love thee, thyself merely.

By Walid Boureghda​

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Walid Boureghda is an Algerian poet from Batna. He writes in Arabic, English and French, but mostly in English, his academic specialty.

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