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Mountains, poems by Sébastien Doubinsky

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The barbarians bang on their shields
while the Greek poet sips his ouzo
and gives the kids a few olives
“ah money,” he thinks, “money”
then he looks at the sea
and doesn’t think anymore

night falls
poet rises
temporary balance

the moon fell on the mountain top
and rolled down to the bottom
like a small sliver coin
the poet pocketed it
while nobody was watching

quiet love of the mountains
thunder echo of their hearts
the poet sighs and walks on

the poet takes his hat off
the wind puts it back on

“Ah poetry” the poet sighs
“Ah poets” poetry sighs
not meaning the same thing

this poet wants to be famous
poetry cuts a paper crown for him
you can see the tip of her tongue sticking out

this poet is in love with this poet
no words

night folds her dress
and stretches her dark body
in splendid nakedness
her cold breath blurs
the poet’s window
he draws a heart
blows a kiss
and puts an extra log
in the fireplace

“that’s it, I quit!” the poet yells
“poetry is quitting” poetry says
“true” the poet says
they go to a café
and talk about the weather

“the mountain is a metaphor
for the work of the poet” the poet says
“what mountain?” poetry asks
“exactly” says the poet

all poems are unfulfilled promises
like the red moon over the trees
and the phone that rings in the empty house

this poet thinks about death
poetry puts her hand on his shoulder
it helps

the star falls on the mountain’s crown
blinding jewel of dawn

the wind blows
the clouds roll
the poet wants to stay home
“go to work” poetry yells
handing him his raincoat

can a poem be only two lines?
of course not

the poet takes a selfie
the image is of poor quality

dusk spreads gold dust
on the trees the roofs the cars
the poet sticks out his open hands

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Sébastien Doubinsky is a bilingual French writer and academic, born in Paris in 1963. His last three novels, The Song of Synth, White City and Omega Gray were published in the United States, respectively by Talos/Skyhorse and Bizarro Pulp Fiction/JournalStone and his poetry collections, Mothballs, Spontaneous Combustions, Zen and the Art of Poetry Maintenance and This Little Poem came out through Leaky Boot Press, in the UK. He currently lives in Denmark, where he teaches French literature, culture and history at the French department of the university of Aarhus.

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