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This second issue introduces the original work of four talented fiction writers and forty six poets. Some more highlights from the issue include poems of authors Jeffrey Beam, John Balaban, Djelloul Marbrook, Ann-Marie Eldon, Corey Mesler, Ann Fraser, Matt Hern, Marcy Jarvis, Georges Wallace, Christopher Mulroony, Martin Burke, Ashley Martin, Scott Malby, Jesse Fergusson, Stacey McKenna, Jnana Hodson, Marc Pietrzykowski, Morelle Smith, Ken Pobo, Michael Catherwood, Georges Andersson, Taylor Graham and Cyril Wong; and essays of Adel Iskander and Hakem Rustom and many others. From separate nations, all our contributors delves further in the human and peace crisis and examine different aspects of the growing intolerance sentiments and both immediate and long-term systemic ways to protect our planet.

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