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[ A stock broker who produced nothing except extra profits for other people who produced nothing was sitting on a park bench one afternoon when an intelligent mosquito lit upon his arm and demanded lunch. “But you want to take some of my blood,” protested the stock broker. “I need my blood for myself.
But I will always make a deal. What can you offer me?” The mosquito contemplated and then replied, “I happen to have many viruses which I can share with you. Perhaps one of them will end up like penicillin and make you rich. Or richer than you already are.

Being richer than he already was appealed to the stock broker, so he allowed the tiny insect to suck out a few drops of his blood. It nodded its thanks
and flew away.

A few days later, her daughter returned, with a few hundred siblings and other relatives. The stock broker was impressed at the increase in business.
“The bigger the deal, the bigger the profit,” he chortled as he rolled up his sleeves. ]

“Human Rights Officer for 18 years, Schwartzmann has written all his life, but only recently began publishing his work. New Funny Stories is his first
book published by Arabesques”.

Langue : English
Publisher : Arabesques Editions
Format : Paperback – 64 pages

ISBN : 9961-926-61-7
Dépôt légal : 2006

EAN : 9789961926611
PRIX : 13,00 Dollars US;

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