The New Romance (Arabesques, Vol. 02 Issue 03)



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James Nolan, “The tourist who wouldn’t go away”. The new romance issue featuring Chris S Fuqua, Don Meredith, Dennis E Bolen, Howard Camner, Thommas McConnel, Louis E Bourgeois, Walter Cummins, Robert H Abel, Juleigh-Howard Hobson, Opal Adisa, Tammy Armstrong, Nuno Judice, Sara Sloan Baily, Lyn Lifshin, Mike Maggio, Ruth Daigon, Miriam Gallagher, Rati Saxena, Patrice Vecchione, Phebe Davidson, Michelle McGrane, Luis Benitez, Tom Bradley, G. K. Wuori, William Heyen, Judith Cody, Dee Shapiro and new fiction by Kenneth Ryan, Jane Olmsted, J.D. Smith and Ali Al Saeed “A picture. A memory. Something beautiful. A lost love. A touch. Anything but this. Clear my head. Brush the pain aside. It’s working. I’m in a lovely place where the sun is warm and the breeze is cool. No. The pain. It’s here. It never leaves. It’s become part of me. Of my being.”
New Poetry by Kristina Marie Darling, Tim Quinlan, Hugh McFadden, Georges Held, Karen Wunsch, David Koehn and many others who have all made the pages of this new special anthological issue of Arabesques dedicated to the modern and contemporary romance writing. This issue is an exclusive cultural book and international anthology printed with the contributions of many talented poets and novelists.

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