The Arabesques Review was established in 2005 and has been growing ever since. So has the amount of attention and acclaim Arabesques has been receiving from a widening circle of readers worldwide.

Arabesques is published in English, and features original poetry, fiction, articles along with many translations of essays and interviews by international writers, journalists, scholars, and poets as well as original illustrations by featured artists.

For each issue we invite a number of international editors to contribute so that this magazine would include a wide variety of literary and academics voices rather than the vision of one editor. We believe that the humanity and the world has a significant and growing place in International literature. Arabesques, with its multitude of cultures is at the center of the caldron of divergent literature emerging from everywhere in this planet. Perhaps from the place where we are, from North Africa, something other can emerge than speaks to the writer or singer or artist or wild person in all of us, something disturbing, something alive, something of the possibility of what it could be like to be human in the 21st century.

The Arabesques Review is the voice of humanity cultures heritage, and the voice of the peace in all parts of the universe. We do not have one editor who chooses work based on their idiosyncratic tastes, but instead bring in a variety of editors for each issue.

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Note: The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are entirely those of the respective contributors and must not be construed to be the views and opinions of the Arabesques Review Editorial Team, Arabesques Press and/or its affiliates.