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Volume 04 Issue 03

The Mountain, The Magician’s Wife and other poems by Lee Gould

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The Mountain

Who is that speaking out of my mouth?
Am I the person she talks to on the way?

Consider the orange tree in the courtyard:
its specific number of ripe oranges,

those that are apparent, those
that are hidden among leaves.

Tomorrow the number will change;
show me the orange that is concerned.

Am I insensitive
to the I of the orange tree?

Weren’t we all at Sinai?
waiting for Moses to descend

with the commandments
we’ll disregard?

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A Journey Beyond the Baggage of Pronouns In the tradition of Hafez, Rumi and Al Arabi

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Wayfaring Book Cover Wayfaring
Leaky Boot Press
November 20, 2017

You is the crucial word in this riverine collection of poems. In their often apostrophic poise they recall Louis Malle's Phantom India (, the 1969 film that memorably traces the bloodstream of the subcontinent.

When a poet says the I word once too often poems become forests of girders, obstructing our vision. But the poet Tikuli uses the word to stir the elements of nostalgia, melancholy and fragility until all are ennobled. That is the role of the word I in her alchemical project.


Nichole Van Beek: Glam Math Interview by Maxwell Taylor-Milner

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This interview was conducted by Maxwell Taylor-Milner in Nichole van Beek’s studio in Ridgewood, New York on June 13th, 2017.

MTM: To begin at the beginning, something you’ve alluded to in the past are pieces that were more photo driven. I’ve seen some pieces from 2010 that had photographs with patterns overlaid on them that seemed to be connected to your current paintings but I was wondering if you could talk about those early pieces and the transition from using images to working solely in paint.

NVB: I think I’ve always flipped back and forth between doing photography and drawing or painting by hand–all through undergrad and then after. But as an undergrad, I had this idea that I had to learn a technical skill, so I put a lot of emphasis on learning photography and video. I was also doing computer animation at that time but I went to art school because I loved to draw and paint.

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A Letter From Under the Water & Thank you so Madly by Walid Boureghda

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A Letter From Under the Water

If you were my friend,
Would you help me, then?
To break the bond,
To which we put an end?

If you were my dearly love,
Would you help me again?
To finally soothe my pain,
And free my soul from all above? Read More

Making Room

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Making Room Book Cover Making Room
Djelloul Marbrook Books
Djelloul Marbrook
Leaky Boot Press
November 1, 2017

An artist creates a magical room for a young psychiatrist’s adopted infant nephew—a room with the heavens projected above and hideaways in the walls. To help him, he recruits a metallurgist haunted by a disturbed upbringing. As the three build this fantastic space, a rewarding friendship unfolds.

“... for those who entertain the subversive notion that the gifts with which they entered the world were lost—but may yet be recovered.”— (UK)

“This enchanting novella is a delicately wrought homage to Jung’s famous principle of meaningful coincidence...”Breakfast All Day, UK

Six poetic “adaptations” from Kenneth Rexroth’s English translation of 100 Poems from the Chinese

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Thinking About Not Returning to Work I Read
Lu Yu’s “Leaving the Monastery early in the Morning”

At night I’m so dead
Even murderers stay away.
Zac the cat sleeps
In the forest on my legs.
By dawn usually
I find coffee and news.
Soon my sabbatical will end
Though I’m not quite ready
To greet young minds
Who may wince when
Seeing someone so old.
Tonight it’s beans and wild vegetables
That will help me find
My way back to trouble.

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